Friday, June 6, 2008

Rail Riders Union comes to Gay Pride!

Everyone should know about the Rail Riders Union -- a desperately needed alternative and counterbalance to the backward looking and vehemently anti-rail, but thankfully declining in influence, Bus Riders Union. (Reasonable transportation advocates recognize we need both a strong rail network and a strong bus system.) Other transportation advocacy organizations worth joining include Southern California Transit Advocates and the Transit Coalition.

Founded in 2008, the Rail Riders Union’s mission is to promote new transportation solutions for Los Angeles. As a not-for-profit mutual benefit corporation, the Rail Riders Union relies on the support of people like you in our efforts to educate Southern Californians on the need for an expanded subway system, identify supporters of new transit projects and mobilize them to give Los Angeles the subway system it deserves as a world-class city.

The Rail Riders Union will be at the Pride Festival this year.

Rail Riders Union Comes to Pride

Just imagine... Someday we will be able to ride The Pink Line to Gay Pride each year!

And perhaps we can have a station with rainbow colors and gay-themed monuments, such as the ones in Berlin and Montreal, at the LaCienega/Santa Monica Station.

Go to the Pride Festival, and if you see someone from the Rail Riders Union and they offer you a sticker, wear it proudly!

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Peter said...

Hi. I'm the one that left the comment about approaching celebrities such as Ed Begley Jr. to lead the charge for better mass transit in LA; that better mass transit would be the economic engine which would improve the mobility of the job market. I'm serious about this. I Googled to see who were considered "green celebrities" and one of the names which came up was Ellen Degeneres. I was thinking that her show could favor/reward audience members in some way who could prove that they arrived to the studio in Burbank via Metro. Harrison Ford is also a friend of the environment. Both of these people make their living in LA and have an interest in a healthier, more mobile urban environment via mass transit. Just more thoughts from an East Coast (rail) transit lover.