Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Questions Should I Ask West Hollywood City Council Candidates?

I am inviting all West Hollywood City Council candidates to answer a few questions about their public transit and liveable streets platform and will share their answers with you on this blog.

Here are the questions I am considering asking all of the candidates for West Hollywood City Council. If you have any tweaks or additional suggestions, please add your comment.

(1) Do you support continuing efforts to bring Metrorail to West Hollywood, and if so, with what alignment?

(2) Do you support extending the proposed Crenshaw/LAX light rail line up San Vicente and then on Santa Monica Blvd. to the Red Line in Hollywood?

(3) Do you support bringing modern streetcars to West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd, Sunset Blvd. and/or San Vicente Blvd?

(4) Do you support transit-only lanes on Santa Monica Blvd.?

(5) What are your proposals for improving bus service in West Hollywood, including Metro, DASH and West Hollywood's City Line?

(6) What is your platform for bicycles in West Hollywood?

(7) What is your platform for pedestrians in West Hollywood?

(8) What else is in your public transit platform that would you like the voters in West Hollywood to know?


What do you think?


Kevin said...

I think that there needs to be at least one question about parking? How about:

Have you read Donald Shoup's, The High Cost of Free Parking? What do you think?

Dan Wentzel said...

NOTE: If you are going to post an off-topic rant, your comment may be deleted.

Everyone with a rant can get their own blog easily enough.

Dan Wentzel said...

Nice addition, Kevin. I will add it.