Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Articulated Rapid 7 buses debut!

I am happy to report that the Big Blue Bus now has articulated Rapid 7 buses running on Pico, now extended east to Western/Wilshire and the Purple Line subway.  That's just great.  (Why not extend them to Vermont/Wilshire so that Red Line riders from the Valley only need one transfer to/from the Rapid 7 instead of two -- but then I am always asking for more.)

Note:  While I was waiting for my Local #7 Big Blue Bus, I notice that the Rapids were stuffed to capacity.

UPDATE:  Maybe what is REALLY needed for Pico, as I rarely see a Rapid 7 pass a Local 7 because of the traffic through Pico-Robertson are transit-only lanes during rush hour.  Since I am not running for office, I can readily suggest taking away a lane of traffic in each direction so that buses may run faster.  Cars can switch to Olympic or the 10 Freeway (as Venice should have its own transit-only lanes with streetcars running in them).

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