Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here are the maps of the finalists!

From the four finalist maps for the Westside Transit Corridor Extension Project, here are the revised alternative alignments for #11 and #16, the two finalists that includes the framework of the Pink Line. They are both great for the Pink Line. These two alternatives, while not including a one-seat ride to/from the Valley to/from the Westside, do include the possibility for extension south to Expo/LAX and extension east to SilverLake/Downtown.

Pick your preferred Wilshire alignment and send your support to

Alternative #11

Alternative #16


Dan Wentzel said...

It also seems to me that either Alternative #11 or #16 could be constructed as a "Circle Line", similar to the Circle Line in London or the "Clockwork Orange" in Glasgow.

Peter said...

As a New Yorker who visits LA at least once per year, I can tell you that this connector between Hollywood and Wilshire with possible extensions south to LAX and east to Silver Lake/Downtown is sorely needed. I exist in NY without a car. I don't ever need one. When I'm in LA, I find myself generally driving/sitting in traffic in an east-west direction usually on Santa Monica Blvd. I would love to be able to hop on a subway/metro at LAX and simply ride to WeHo or downtown. I hope all transit minded people in LA really push hard for this. Couldn't green-minded celebrities such as Ed Begley Jr. be enlisted to campaign for greater mass transit in LA?

Dan Wentzel said...

I think that's great idea. Does anyone know Ed Begley, Jr.? :)