Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sneak Peak at final selections for Westside Transit Corridor Extension Project

What I've been told thus far is that of the four final rail maps, two have the Pink Line! Woo hoo!

I will get maps to you just as soon as I can, but what is on offer is the Pink Line alignment going from the Purple Line up La Cienega, running on Santa Monica Blvd. then up to Hollywood and Highland.

There is every reason to celebrate. If these are built as light rail, they can be extended on the southern end to Expo or even potentially LAX. On the northeast end, it can be extended to Silver Lake and then downtown.

So pick the Wilshire alignment of your choice and let the MTA know you want the Santa Monica Blvd. line included in the final proposal.

The one downside is that this means there will not be a one-seat ride from the Valley to the Westside via Santa Monica Blvd. I really hope there has been sufficient support shown for a Sepulveda LRT going from LAX to Metrolink in the Valley to make it into the Long Range Transportation Plan. Countless people who are snaking through passes and canyons every day deserve a quality public transit alternative.

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