Thursday, June 24, 2010

Westside Subway Extension Station Issues for the Pink Line

This blog is overdue, way overdue, for an update:

Here are thumbnails of slides you should look at regarding the Westside Subway Extension Station Information Meetings that were held back in November 2009. These are interesting because these meetings were about the nuts and bolts of designing subway stations.

First, here is the dream we are all hoping for for the Westside Subway Extension of the Purple Line with a West Hollywood alignment included (colloquially referred to as the "Pink Line"):

However, this is what is likely to move forward for Federal funding request at this time, in part because this is the portion that will be matched with funds approved by Measure R:

We need to continue to lobby Metro to build the Santa Monica Blvd alignment, at least in the long-term.

However, with that understood, if the Mayor's 30/10 plan is financed by the Federal government, we may be riding this Purple Line extension within 10 years.

The sooner the Purple Line gets to Westwood and the V.A., the sooner we will see a rail alignment for Santa Monica Blvd.

Please find below the relevant slides to station design that were presented back in November. Enjoy!

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