Tuesday, March 22, 2011

West Hollywood City Council retains pro-transit majority

The results of the West Hollywood City Council election are in and I am delighted to report that the West Hollywood City Council retains a pro-transit majority.

Appointed Councilmember Lindsey Horvath is leaving the City Council, but I wish her all the success in the world in her future endeavors.  Ms. Horvath took an active interest in West Hollywood's public transit issues and had already been lobbying for more money in D.C. for transit in West Hollywood. 

We know that re-elected Councilmembers Heilman and Land are pro-transit from their records.

Councilmember-elect John D'Amico has assured me via the phone that he supports continuing efforts to bring Metrorail to West Hollywood, which is great.

While I am sorry to see Councilmember Horvath go, I am relieved that it was not Steve Martin who replaced her, after his uninformed, anti-subway rant in the WeHo News.

However we voted, let's all come together now to improve public transit to/from and within West Hollywood and throughout Southern California.

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