Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Latest Discovery -- nextbus.com

I was standing on the corner of La Cienega & Pico awaiting a bus to West Hollywood when a handsome blonde gentleman named Erik struck up a conversation with me.   He wanted me to know about this website http://nextbus.com/ which by using GPS technology and some mathematical algorithm I couldn't even begin to understand states when the next in-service buses would be arriving around a particular location.

I used the web browser on my smart phone to access the site.  Sure enough, the next buses came exactly when the nextbus.com said it would.  Has everyone else in transitland known about this site and I was just in the dark?  As we know, the buses do not always run on schedule and when waiting it would be good to know when the bus will actually be arriving, especially on days when the weather in less than California sublime.

Try this site yourself and report back to see if it works consistently for you.  If so, the transit riding world should know (if it doesn't already and I was the clueless one left in the dark).

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Craig said...

NextBus is quite useful when I'm traveling on unfamiliar lines. If a local rolls up but the site tells me an express is only minutes behind, I'll wait. This used to be a gamble. I access the site on my iPhone, and it sometimes freezes while locating me, but I blame the old phone, not NextBus.