Tuesday, December 21, 2010

West Hollywood City Council elections upcoming

Elections to the West Hollywood City Council are upcoming in Spring.

I am happy to provide a forum here for any candidate who wishes to discuss public transit issues in the area.

Here are my principle questions of all the candidates:

1) Do you favor efforts to extend Metrorail to/through West Hollywood and Santa Monica Blvd.?

2) Do you support the new proposal of a Metro light-rail subway connecting the Santa Monica Blvd. transit corridor via San Vicente Blvd. to the Crenshaw/LAX light rail project approved in Measure R?

3) Would you be in favor of transit only lanes on Santa Monica Blvd. even if that means taking away lanes of traffic and parking, and would you favor modern at-grade streetcars/light-rail running on those transit-only lanes?

4) Would you favor serving the Sunset Strip with streetcars -- noting that tourists and affluent riders would love them?

5) What are your proposals for bicycle and pedestrian improvements in West Hollywood?

I will ask all the West Hollywood City Council candidates these questions and will let you know the answers when they are provided to me.


Note: One City Council candidate who I won't name contacted me and mentioned to me about how he wanted to increase the amount of parking available to make life easier for motorists.

If your primary transportation concern is the welfare of single-occupancy automobiles, then I think you've contacted the wrong blogger. :)


kharg said...

Dan, me Keith Hargrove! We are trying to get ahold of you! Please write back (keithleeh@earthlink.net)


Keith Hargrove

Kevin said...

Please name the candidate. I want to be sure and not vote for that person.

Dan Wentzel said...


I appreciate your sentiment, but I am hoping to use this as a chance to dialog and possibly educate all the candidates who are not yet up to speed on public transit issues.

If public transit users and advocates make ourselves heard, and we are seen as a voting block, the candidates will adjust their campaign platforms accordingly. :)

Kevin said...

Good luck.