Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What about a Fly Away bus in West Hollywood?

Upon landing in LAX on the way back from spending Christmas in Seattle, I was waiting for the Super Shuttle. I asked the Super Shuttle gentleman if he had one going to West Hollywood soon. He said to me, "Of course. Everyone is going to Santa Monica or West Hollywood". I found that interesting.

We already have Fly Away buses to/from LAX and Union Station, Irvine, Van Nuys and Westwood. I wonder if one is viable to/from West Hollywood or nearby?

If you support a northern extension of the Crenshaw/LAX light-rail project (a.k.a. "Rose Line") to Hollywood via West Hollywood (San Vicente & Santa Monica Blvds.) as I do, one of the primary benefits to this alignment is a one-seat ride to/from Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and points between to/from LAX.

As the risk of angering Super Shuttle and Prime Time with this suggestion, perhaps Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills can investigate creating a Fly Away bus route to/from LAX until that northern extension of the Crenshaw Light Rail is adopted.


Anonymous said...

Happy to anger the over-priced taxi services of Super Shuttle and Prime Time for a FlyAway from West Hollywood. Maybe it could shuttle between Burbank Airport and LAX with WeHo in the center.

Rico said...

My god, or Hollywood & Highland. This is the #1 complaint I hear from travelers: How do I get from LAX to Hollywood without taking a cab?

Sure, there's the Flyaway to Union Station and then the Red Line, but a direct LAX to Hollywood Flyaway would be great.

As a frequent visitor to West Hollywood and the clubs on Santa Monica, I don't know if it's a viable option for Flyaway service. I dunno, maybe a Fairfax/Santa Monica stop? Or perhaps the Flyaway could do two stops; one at Fairfax/Santa Monica -and- Hollywood/Highland?