Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lobbying for the northern extension of the Crenshaw Line via West Hollywood in 2013

Next year Metro will probably be working on its SRTP (Short Range Transportation Plan).

Metro creates a LRTP (Long Range Transportation Plan) for thirty years, which it revised every five years or so, and a SRTP for the next five years.

At the February 2012 meeting of the Transportation Committee of the Westside Council of Governments the following was expressed and recorded in the Notes of the Feburary 2012 Meeting:

METRO will be updating its Short Range Transportation Plan (SRTP) in 2013 and is currently identifying projects for inclusion in its Strategic Element. This would be the time to support the northern extension of the Crenshaw Line to West Hollywood.  Information on schedule and milestones will be provided the committee. It was noted that our resources include lobbyists, sending letters to the appropriate entities, become more engaged in meeting, and coordination with other COGs.

I certainly agree with this and will do everything I can do as an individual to support this.

By the way, if you want to see Metrorail extended to Hollywood via West Hollywood, it wouldn't hurt to ask candidates for Federal, State, County and City governments to support this as part of their campaign.


Peter Laska said...

Interesting that it doesn't look like the option is under consideration to go straight west out Santa Monica to Holloway to a Sunset Strip stop at Sunset & N. San Vicente, before turning south for a run down San Vicente the rest of the way to meet up with the Crenshaw line.

Dan Wentzel said...

Thank you for reading and commenting, Peter.

That map is a couple years old. Should this project move forward as we all hope, all the alternatives would again be proposed and studied.

Cheers. :)

AimlessInLA said...

Incorporating West Hollywood into the rail network ought to be a priority. It's one of the densest and heavily trafficked communities in the region.

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