Monday, June 11, 2012

My Adventure with the Bicycle is Just Beginning.

Dear readers,

I went to the closing ceremony for Aids Life Cycle 11 on Saturday and was so moved I signed up to ride in Aids Life Cycle 12.

While learned how to ride a bike when I was younger, and I have all year to train, this is a daunting task for someone who never saw themselves as particularly athletic.  But this cause is one that is really dear to my heart and ALC raised 12.6 million this past year.  Next year is my turn to raise money and help out.

So, expect me to include bicycle coverage as part of public transit.

An essential blog for any bicyclist in Southern California is L.A. Streetsblog.

No doubt I will obtain intimate knowledge with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation Bicycle Services  site, the Metro Los Angeles Bicycle Map and this Westside/Central City Bicycle Map and Bike Metro site.

I've also just checked out the West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition.

If you have any experience with bicycling in Los Angeles, from where to get bike gear to tips for the road, please let me know.

If you are behind a wheel, please be kind, because that cyclist you want to run over could be me.

Happy Cycling!

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