Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where to Park a Bicycle?

I'm making my first trip to the bike store on Friday.  I need to be shown how to fix a flat tire and get my bike "fitted".  Next year's Aids Life Cycle is 51 weeks away.

One of things I am noticing as I go place to place is "if I had traveled here on bike, where can I safely and legally park it and lock it up?"  It seems one regular parking space could hold 3-4 bicycles.

Every mall, every shopping district, every destination should have safe and secure bicycle racks.  And, as the thousands upon thousands of bicycle riders in Southern California know all to well, they don't.

There is popular support for zip cars in Los Angeles.  How can Los Angeles get these bicycle rental stations I saw when I was in Toronto?  As we expand our Metrorail system, bicycles are a particular effective transportation device between your first/last mile and the rail station.

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